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Vinyl Gloves – Blue

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  • PROTECTIVE PERFORMANCE: Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), our gloves offer a high-quality barrier for any light-duty task — food handling, cleaning, hair dyeing, and more. They’re lightweight and comfortable, and they won’t leave an annoying powdery residue on your hands. Protect your hands with these useful gloves.
  • POWDER-FREE: Our vinyl glove is 100% powder-free and contains no latex, so it can be worn by nearly anyone. These gloves are safe to use for people who are allergic to latex or who have sensitive skin. Without the irritating powder and harsh chemically developed materials, these gloves are gentle on your skin but strong enough to keep germs, odors, and messes out.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Whether you run a hair salon, tattoo shop, assisted living facility, or doctor’s practice, our lightweight plastic gloves will come in handy. With them, you can dye hair, perform kitchen tasks, clean messes, and provide care to patients. Add these gloves to your office, clinic, or shop’s supplies today, and you’ll be ready for nearly any mess or task!
  • AMBIDEXTROUS ACCESSORY: Designed for optimal use by anyone in the shop, clinic, beauty salon, or BBQ kitchen, these non-powdered gloves can fit on either hand. They can be used on the right or left hand for nearly any task! Add them to your first-aid kit or your medical and cleaning supplies today. It’s never a bad idea to have an extra box of gloves ready for when a mess or task pops up!
  • PROFESSIONAL PACK: With your order, you’ll receive a 100-pack of gloves. This large pack is perfect for professional workplaces, restaurants, or any household. Buy the bulk pack so you can always be prepared for sanitary cleaning and tasks that require harsh chemicals. These gloves help you stay safe and protected from harmful chemicals, nasty odors, and more.


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6 reviews for Vinyl Gloves – Blue

  1. Charlie Collins

    I use these for doing dirty jobs (handling trash, clean up, cat litter disposal, etc) and have not been disappointed.

    Charlie Collins

  2. Barbara Fox

    These fit a little tight but were still easy to wear. Arrived on time in good condition.

    Barbara Fox

  3. Brandy

    Great quality, price and easy to locate bright colored gloves inside my bag.


  4. Riley

    Very fast delivery.


  5. Ridwan Bradshaw

    Good service.

    Ridwan Bradshaw

  6. Ezra Wells

    Good quality.

    Ezra Wells

  7. Kai

    Not bad.


  8. Primrose Whitehouse

    Great deal for the price!

    Primrose Whitehouse

  9. Dominic

    Very well worth the money.


  10. Kenzo Perry

    Excellent quality.

    Kenzo Perry

  11. Chester Clements


    Chester Clements

  12. Mason

    Good quality.


  13. Angela

    Good quality. Fast shipping.


  14. Anonymous


  15. Lisa

    Great transaction-thank you


  16. Chester Clements

    Exactly as advertised!

    Chester Clements

  17. Steffan Holder

    Great deal for the price!

    Steffan Holder

  18. Jaime Hussain

    Would order again.

    Jaime Hussain

  19. Meghan Bowman

    Exactly as advertised!

    Meghan Bowman

  20. Sayed Alvarado

    Great and convenient

    Sayed Alvarado

  21. Gurleen Rangel


    Gurleen Rangel

  22. Lex Munro

    Fast shipping great quality

    Lex Munro

  23. Remy Townsend

    Would order again.

    Remy Townsend

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