Plastic Deli Food Storage Containers – 8oz

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  • 8 oz Deli Food Containers with tight sealing lids
  • Dimensions:2″ Tall X 4.6″ Top X 3.8″ Diameter Base
  • Microwaveable, Reusable, Dishwasher Safe
  • Ideal for storing baby food, dressings, condiments, sauces, fruit, soups, and healthy snacks. Great grab and go containers
  • Great for both restaurant take out and home food storage

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250 set, 50 set, 25 set

16 reviews for Plastic Deli Food Storage Containers – 8oz

  1. sundragonlady

    These are a perfect size for leftovers… (hint, hint – Thanksgiving is next month!). The lids fit perfectly, with no leakage (except leftover coffee, sometimes). I snatched a few for my card-making embossing powders, but the rest are in my kitchen. I use china markers to note contents and dates on the lid; it wipes off with a dry paper towel before washing, usually. Otherwise, I need something like a Magic Eraser. If it’s really stubborn, a spritz of Goo Gone never fails. One word of warning – with every brand and size of plastic containers I’ve used, after about 6 usages/washings, 6 little holes appear in the lids, and they need to be replaced. Not a problem, but definitely an oddity! I keep 3 sizes in my kitchen at all times… and they go through the dishwasher like a charm!

  2. J. Turner

    Perfect for meal prep! Made a ton of soup and put these in the freezer. If you’re reheating in the microwave I suggest taking the lid off first. Also they stand up in the dishwasher! Put them on the top rack!

  3. AKFurgison

    I bought these containers so that I could prep my sons food for his breakfast, lunch and snack as we transitioned to solid foods. I love them! They are durable, tight seal and they are dish washer safe. I love them! One of the best purchase i ever made for our son.

  4. Christa

    I do a lot of home packaged food gifts & these were perfect for ¡°mix in a jar¡± gifts cost much cheaper to ship theses to friends & family than in jars!

  5. Katie

    Purchased for freezing homemade soups in individual portion sizes. Great size for this purpose; lid forms a great seal. Not sure what else there is.

  6. Subba

    I inserted a wick under my African violet plant pot, then I-cut a hole in the lid of the container, set the AV plant in it, about an inch.
    Then I filled the container with water, and let the wick immerse into it. The plant takes up water and does not dry out.

  7. Waqar Ortiz

    The product is firmly packed.

  8. Edward

    Very well worth the money.

  9. Archer Dorsey

    You get what you pay for.

  10. Shannon Irvine

    The package is crashed, but product still works.

  11. Vincent Price

    Would order again.

  12. Jaime Hussain

    Exactly as advertised!

  13. Aiden

    Very well worth the money.

  14. Ryder

    The product is firmly packed.

  15. Lucas

    Good quality.

  16. Tania Leonard

    Great deal for the price!

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