Plastic Deli Food Storage Containers – 16oz

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  • 16 oz Deli Food Containers with tight sealing lids
  • Dimensions:3″ Tall X 4.6″ Top X 3.3″ Diameter Base
  • Microwaveable, Reusable, Dishwasher Safe
  • Ideal for storing baby food, dressings, condiments, sauces, fruit, soups, and healthy snacks. Great grab and go containers
  • Great for both restaurant take out and home food storage

15 reviews for Plastic Deli Food Storage Containers – 16oz

  1. DR.W

    The plastic is a bit slick and is so easy to clean.
    The tops fit tight, so if dropped the stuff doesn’t fall out.
    If it is dropped with frozen stuff in them, they don’t crack like other plastic containers.
    Avery labels stick and come off easily when soaked in hot water for awhile.
    Love these guys.

  2. Daiba

    1 was broken, but small detail in comparison with the great quality

  3. David G.

    We use this product for storing portions of dog food that we have to specially cook for one of my dogs.

  4. Angela

    Love these, used them for slime take homes @ a birthday party, and when folks wanted to take food home

  5. MrsMac

    I use these containers all the time for storing soups and sauces. They freeze well and last about 6-10 times each through washing and going through the freezer before they eventually split and crack.

  6. Mason

    Very fast delivery.

  7. Sabah Cox

    Very fast delivery.

  8. Jai Beard

    Not the best one but did the job.

  9. Jon-Paul Wise

    Excellent quality.

  10. Mason

    Good quality.

  11. Riya Dennis

    It’s ok not that great

  12. Meredith Sutton

    Would order again.

  13. Daniel

    Good quality.

  14. Avery

    Good quality.

  15. Celyn Sumner

    Great deal for the price!

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