Plastic Deli Food Storage Containers – 12oz

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  • 12 oz Deli Food Containers with tight sealing lids
  • Dimensions:2.5″ Tall X 4.8″ Top X 3.6″ Diameter Base
  • Microwaveable, Reusable, Dishwasher Safe
  • Ideal for storing baby food, dressings, condiments, sauces, fruit, soups, and healthy snacks. Great grab and go containers
  • Great for both restaurant take out and home food storage
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  • 25 set
  • 50 set
  • 250 set

Make the EDI Food Storage Deli Containers with Plastic Lids your storage solution! Use the containers for food storage for your whole family. We use clear plastic cups and lids so you and your kids can easily identify what’s inside. You can store anything — egg salad, cereal, dip, rice, yogurt, spices, nuts, berries, salsa, butter, sugar, and whatever else your family loves. It’s perfect for food storage organization! You can use the plastic container to preserve and keep food for days or even months. Stock up on everything you need without running out of space. We use safe, leak-proof plastic to give you peace of mind. With the airtight lid, you can conveniently store various foods in the fridge or pack your containers in a lunch box or takeout bag without worrying about spilling or making messes. They can also be reused! You can use them again and again for meal prep or leftovers. They are great for individual portion sizes. It makes packing food simple and easy. Our durable plastic container uses crack-resistant plastic, allowing you to put it in the dishwasher and microwave. The cups are also recyclable, making them environmentally friendly. They’re easy to store and access. With the 25 pack, you can store the box in the pantry and easily access them for any of your storage needs. The cups come in 4 different sizes, including 8 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., and 24 oz. Shop the EDI Food Storage Deli Containers with Plastic Lids for all your storage needs.

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21 reviews for Plastic Deli Food Storage Containers – 12oz

  1. Dal

    We use the 8oz, 16oz, & 32oz. They are Great! We use them to make ahead all sorts of stuff and freeze or store in the fridge, or store left-overs, and they stack so neat and easy; saves space too. Talk about saving space; these are all that’s needed for all our food storing needs. So happy to rid ourselves of all those other odd shapes and sizes of other storage containers; never could find a lid to fit. The beauty of these containers is they all use the same size lids. Storing them, even though they are different sizes, is a breeze; they¡¯re all the same diameter. Dishwasher and Microwave Safe too.


  2. CahtieQ

    We use these containers in our church food pantry. We frequently receive food left after a brunch or other reception or dinner. We get it in the large foil trays. We repackage it into these containers for our clients to take home. They work very well for soups, stews and larger pieces of meat or vegetables. This is the third time I have ordered them


  3. HowzaMama

    I wish I had bought these years ago! I use them any time I want to freeze liquids now. I seriously broke so many mason jars trying to freeze soups and chicken broth. Now I don’t worry any more! I have reused several as well and they seem to be holding up great, even with putting them in the dishwasher.



    I purchased these containers to place my three month old bettas in. They are very strong and work very well for my use. I would think that they would work very well for food storage of placing your food product in for sale.. The advertising said that the containers were clear. They are translucent not clear. I would like clear for being able to see my fish more clearly. This product is well worth what I paid for them.


  5. michael maravola

    work great for soup , i used them for my hot peppers ,
    lids are a little hard to get off but seal tight
    will buy the 32oz next time

    michael maravola

  6. Daniel

    Good service.


  7. Avery

    Very well worth the money.


  8. Rome Huang

    Good quality.

    Rome Huang

  9. Corrie Fox

    Shipping delay a bit.

    Corrie Fox

  10. Stefania Sanderson

    Not bad.

    Stefania Sanderson

  11. Mali Houston

    Fast shipping great quality

    Mali Houston

  12. Marsha Best


    Marsha Best

  13. Marsha Best

    Great and convenient

    Marsha Best

  14. Liam

    The product is firmly packed.


  15. Christopher Betts

    Good service.

    Christopher Betts

  16. Kiara Iles

    Would order again.

    Kiara Iles

  17. Candice Swanson

    Excellent quality.

    Candice Swanson

  18. Vivian Heaton

    Fast shipping great quality

    Vivian Heaton

  19. Alex Whitmore

    Exactly as advertised!

    Alex Whitmore

  20. Gurleen Rangel

    Great and convenient

    Gurleen Rangel

  21. Penny Morehart

    Penny Morehart

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