Plastic Cups – Clear – 20 oz

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  • Sold as a 100 cups/sets
  • Clear plastic cold drink party cups
  • Ideal for cold beverages like soda, juice, ice tea, etc.
  • Crystal clear and crack resistant
  • Made with only heavy-duty crystal clear durable PET material plastic which is 100% BPA free
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  • with lid&straw
  • without


  • Let’s party – These 100 elegant disposable 10 oz plastic cups are great as cocktail cups, party cups, party tumblers or as everyday disposable cups.
  • High-quality – Made with only heavy-duty crystal clear durable PET material plastic which is 100% BPA free.
  • Elegant look – Rolled wall rim helps maintain an upscale feel and appearance and makes it great party cups.
  • People friendly – Does not absorb liquid and is crack-resistant with no sharp edges in sight.
  • Upgraded day – Sipping your daily drinks from these elegant plastic cups will add some energy and excitement to your day.
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