White Cutlery – 210 pcs assorted

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  • COMBO BOX: This set includes various cutlery items, including 70 forks, 70 knives, and 70 spoons. It comes in a paper bulk box of 210 total utensils. You’ll feel like they’ll never run out!
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: These utensils are durable enough to be washed in the dishwasher and still hold up. They also don’t break or bend with use, allowing you to cut tougher foods without worries!
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: We use plastic that can be washed and reused — a cheap alternative to metal utensils. Don’t want to keep the cutlery after an event? They’re also disposable and recyclable!
  • SAFE PLASTIC: The utensils are made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic polypropylene, which can safely come in contact with various food products. They’re also sturdy and crack resistant!
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Use our cutlery for any meal or occasion! Bring boxes of our utensils for catering, a birthday party, a BBQ, a picnic, a cookout, or even your kitchen at home for your kids to use.   

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17 reviews for White Cutlery – 210 pcs assorted

  1. mimi

    I had no problems from start to finish. Would recommend this company to others.

  2. Carol Hayes

    I buy too many disposable utensils for husbands lunch. first time ever they have not broken!! very pleased with this brand!

  3. Foxymama

    These aren’t the very thick ones that are too expensive but these get the job done and cheap enough.

  4. Katlyn sullivan

    These are some really good plastic utensils not like the ones that break really easily I will definitely be purchasing more!

  5. Darrin Reid

    I have had plastic silverware that has been a little bEtter, also some that have been much much worse. This holds up well, you can actually use the knives to cut meat. They are sturdy, however not some of the strongest I have used. However, they met my need extremely well. Well worth the money. You can also put these in the dishwasher, they will hold up.

  6. Nancy C.

    The forks and spoons are adequate for light meals, but the knives are a little bendy.

  7. Maizie Matthews

    Great product

  8. Jason

    I¡¯m lazy, single and don¡¯t like washing dishes. I may be destroying the environment with these but it beats washing dishes. BTW, I¡¯m not being sarcastic, I like being lazy and these help.

  9. Hon Lee

    Will keep buying them you can wash them bpa free

  10. Zohar

    Good quality.

  11. Richard

    Very fast delivery.

  12. Ridwan Bradshaw

    Not bad.

  13. Rian Akhtar

    Would order again.

  14. Edward

    Good quality.

  15. Rita Fry

    Exactly as advertised!

  16. Jon-Paul Wise

    Great deal for the price!

  17. Pec

    This product enables me to be so lazy I don’t need to use my dishwasher and can fill my local landfill with plastic at the same time! What a deal!

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