Black Plastic Disposable Portion Cups/Souffle Cup with Lids 3.5oz

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  • Flat
  • Dome
  • 100 Sets


  • STORE YOUR SAUCES: Our soufflé cup can hold many condiments, sauces, and snacks, including salad dressing, dip, ketchup, and more! Use it to provide free samples or for your customers to take out.
  • LEAK-PROOF, SAFE PLASTIC: They are made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic polypropylene, which can safely store various food products. It’s also crack-resistant — don’t worry about punctures or leaks!
  • CLEAR CONSTRUCTION: Our cups are clear, making it easy for you to identify what’s inside or showcase your signature sauce! They’re sold in 1 oz., 2 oz., 3.25 oz., and 5.5 oz. in packs of 50 and 100.
  • AIRTIGHT LIDS: With the airtight lid, you can conveniently store food in the fridge or pack your dressings in your lunch box without worrying about spilling or making messes. They can also be reused!
  • DISPOSABLE: Save time when cleaning up! Once you or your customers are finished using a cup, simply throw it away. You won’t have to worry about washing or storing these cups. They’re also recyclable!
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